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Статус запроса на поиск бизнес-партнеров

Доступ статус данные, относящиеся к BMS запросы от прошлого месяца.
BMS application status Table
заявитель Страна Покупка продуктов дата Статус
raj*** United Arab Emirates Mobile phone case 2019-08-14 In Progress
yes*** Turkey Dehumidifiers 2019-08-14 In Progress
inf*** Kenya hospital furniture 2019-08-14 Completed
yes*** Turkey Air purifiers 2019-08-13 In Progress
yes*** Turkey Rechargable stick vacuum cleaner 2019-08-13 In Progress
gih*** Viet nam Shampoo 2019-08-12 Completed
gih*** Viet nam SLEEPING FOOT CARE 2019-08-12 Completed
asi*** China LED display and lighting 2019-08-12 Completed
jos*** Nepal Laser Rough Diamond Marking, Cutting & Polishing Equipments 2019-08-12 Completed
lan*** Australia Simtec Phones 2019-08-12 Completed
gih*** Viet nam Vitamin shower filter 2019-08-12 Completed
pur*** China sheet in coil 2019-08-12 Completed
dav*** Korea, Republic of Fuel saver for cars, trucks, marine vessels 2019-08-12 Completed
gih*** Viet nam Aqua cream 2019-08-12 Completed
joe*** China Solar Panel solar system 2019-08-12 Completed
win*** China 0.7 inch height 8x8 LED dot matrix, bi-color 2019-08-12 Completed
7x7*** Korea, Republic of men clothing wholesale, manufacturer (ready made) & We accept OEM (custom own design) 2019-08-12 Completed
pjy*** Korea, Republic of e Good Life Co.,Ltd 2019-08-12 Completed
hlc*** Korea, Republic of wireless wheel alignment(BEST-7000) wire wheel alignment (BEST-5800) 2019-08-12 Completed
sal*** Saudi Arabia Ceiling , Windwo/ Hospital Curtain Fabric & Tracks 2019-08-12 Completed

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