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DoenJang powder
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Anti-cancer function of Doenjang

soybeans are often called the 'meat from the field'

Meat proteins can leave toxins such as ammonia, uric acid and fat in our blood. However, the protein and fat in soybeans are known to prevent such diseases such as stroke and lung cancer.

Soybeans are abundant in nucleic acid lecithin lecithin lecithin which slows down the aging process.
Also, soybeans have plant sterol that blocks the small intestine from absorbing cholesterol.

Soybeans, themselves, have no Vitamin C, but soybeans sprouts are abundant in Vitamin C and aspartic acid.

Recently researchers have learned that beans such as soybeans have abundant anti-cancer nutrients that can reduce the chances of getting cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer and uterine cancer.
Cancer is very much related to one's diet and eating habits. Recently, Dr.Paul Terry at Albert Einstein Cancer Center wrote in International Jornal of Cancer that folic acid from beans could reduce the chance of contracting colon cancer. In a separate study, Dr.Stefan Burners at University of Alabama stated that a mouse fed with beans had a 70% lower incidence of lung cancer than a mouse fed with just grains

Doenjang is made by fermenting soybeans. Its nutritional value is, therefore, much higher than plain soybeans.
In November 1994. Professor Gun Young Park of Busan University, Korea, wrote based on his experiments that the potent anti-cancer properties of Doenjang could prevent and, to some extent, fight cancer.
He also demonstrated that Doenjang could revive the liver functions ever when the patient has cancer.
In addition, Professor Park reported that extracts from Doenjang could Eradicate carcinogenic substances from one's body.

People who eat Doenjang soup everyday could reduce their chances of getting cancer by 30%.

Even for those who have Doenjang soup occasionally, their chances of getting cancer can be lowered by 17% to 19%.

Doenjang's Advantage

Good ingredient of "Doen jang"

Antitumor effect

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