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Portable urine barrel
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M.O.Q : 2,000
Supply Ability : 500ea a day
Payment Terms : L/C
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Сведения о продукции

[Product Description]

Children no longer have to feel the pain when they want to go to toilet in the crowded public places, in the car or anywhere.

[Product Features]

- Cocokids compact and lightweight portable urinals have leak-proof and deodorant function. Thi is essential products when you travel with your children.

- view the urine is inconvenient when you go out in space, you can easily use the urine hygiene is yet.
- cute and adorable elephant-shaped cocokids ergonomic design
- make it easy for you to enter the size in your bag you can carry depends on the grip is more convenient.
- ungrades to comfortably hold flexible curves.
- the head is equipped with a lockin devices to prevent sam perfectly.
- not only the design portion of the nose even more firmly
- open the lid of the carrying poles fell into the tub in our enclosure made of patent urine stauch features.

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