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Multipurpose Ice Holder
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FOB Price : S size : 2.62 USD, M sizd : 3.20 USD , L size : 3.36 USD
M.O.Q : 1,000 set
Supply Ability : 100,000sets/month
Payment Terms : T/T or L/C
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People want to have their drink cool all the time regardless of time.
However, once drink is taken out of the freezer, it gets warmer as time goes by.
Eventually, drinks are not the good anymore because they get warm in the end.


Keep cool temperature

-The best temperature for soju and beer is 4~10’c, but they get warm from the time they get out of refrigerator.
-To solve the problem, cool helper helps to keep cool in the room temperature(30 celcius) up to 3 hours.


Multiple usage, purpose

-Great for outdoor, travelling, camping, hiking, watching baseball, sports, leisure, ice box.
-You can use cool helper in high room temperature or your drink is next to the fire.
-If you divided cool helper into three pieces, you could even use it as a massage tool.


Permanent reuse

-Cool helper can be used permanently.
-After freezing cool helper 3-8 hours in the freezer, you can use it whenever you want.
-Eco-friendly, economical product


Smart design

-Optimized size for the bottle and can in the market.
-Support bottle and can so it can’t be separated.
-Cool helper can be divided into three parts. Because it is Velcro, you can easily attach and detach it to many kinds of bottles.



- Material: Cool helper main body (pp), Velcro

- Contents: special coolant 

- Manufacturer name : JM IDEA Co., Ltd.

- The product is legally protected under the patent application in Korea and overseas countries.




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