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LEGMOA New Legs Straightener
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New Legs Straightener, Body Correction for Beautiful Leg and Body Line Beautiful Legs, Correct Posture, Allows Calibration to Correct Gait, Innovative Concept of Leg Straightener!


Size              L-29cm (Min. interval),
                    41cm (Max. interval)
                    W-15cm  Round pad diameter-10cm
Hours of use  From 20min. to 120min.
                    three times for one day
                    If you feel aches and pains in your leg,
                    lower pressure and take a rest.
Weight         1.1kg



It is recommended to the person

1. The person who wants to beautiful leg line

2. The person whose abdomen sticks out.

3. The person who wants correct posture

4. The person who lacks concentration

5. The person who has intervertebral disc



How to use Legmoa

Legmoa is a beauty former which creates beautiful leg lines, straightens bowed legs and forms fine postures 

The round pads of the both sides press legs by rotating the handle which enables a user to control dynamics.

It is very helpful to those who have bowed legs(O shape, X shape), who walk splay-footed, who have a pot belly, who are habitual leg shakers and who have a chronical back pain. It prevents pelvis from twisting. Men and women of all ages can use it.


Use/ Caution


► While pressing the button on the side, adjust it to the size you want by rotating the upper handle counter clockwise. Then put it on.

► Rotating the upper handle clockwise increases pressure. To release, rotate the handle counter clockwise with the button pressed.

► For those who have bowed legs, it is recommendable to increase pressure step by step( To get the most advantage from it, use it from time to time in your daily life.).

► To release the pressure, push the button on the side.

► In case it will not release easily, rotate the handle clockwise a little with the button pressed, then release it.

► Too much pressure on the leg may cause inappropriate stress on the bone. Do not use it on the lap.

► Be sure to use the button only when rotating the handle counter clockwise.

► It is recommendable to use Legmoa in soft mode for 10-15 minutes each time and several times a day to those who use Legmoa for the first time.

► When the silicon pads get dirty, it is simply washable by using a wet towel.



period of time

● Light and compact. Portable
● Usable anywhere
● Straightens deformed legs, shaping a beautiful leg line


● Helps to shape slim body by straightening legs
● Diet effect

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