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Prevention of hair loss & effect of hair-nourishing
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EASTER scalp solution tonic is the quasi-drug product of prevention of hair loss & effect of hair-nourishing, as a phase completing the scalp clinic. Even spraying to the scalp simply relieves various scalp troubles and makes the scalp relaxed.

Main component

Characteristics of product

Quasi-drug: Prevention of hair loss & Effect of hair-nourishing 
(Approval number 2054 by Korea Food & Drug Administration)


FDA OTC NDC Number : 69996-020-01


Case of product procedure

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Effect of product

① Prevention of hair loss & Effect of hair-nourishing: The efficacy and effect by Korea Food & Drug Administration (Approval number:2054) approved prevents hair loss strongly and strengthens the hair root by hair-nourishing   effect of giving the hair root nutrition enough and makes the hair healthy.

② Effect of relieving scalp: It relieves itching caused by the dryness of scalp and sooths the sensitive scalp quickly after procedure of chemical products such as dyeing, permanent and discoloring etc and makes the scalp relaxed.

③ Effect of finishing scalp clinic: It nourishes the scalp and prevents various scalp troubles and helps to make the hair root healthy.

Method of use

Dry hair lightly after shampooing, shake the tonic and after spraying to the scalp bending hair back to apply the inside flesh of the scalp and massaging with the finger end and absorbing to the scalp, dry in cool air. We recommend to continuously use a small amount everyday.

EASTER is the homecare product that subdivides scalp and hair like beauty parlor and enables a professional clinic.

The scientific clinic system making hair shiny after getting the scalp healthy first is the reason for the best leader out of homecare products.

Compare the effect of undergoing a cosmetic procedure from hair designer with the effect after using a high class homecare clinic.

Order of use of EASTER clinic 

Immediately visible effect even using one product only!

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