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Red Bean Tea
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Сведения о продукции
■Characteristics of the manufactured product
- Ingredients: 100% red beans (adzuki beans) of Korea (No additives)
- Weight: 45g (3g × 15 bags)
- Price: 10,000 KRW
- How to enjoy: Place a bag of the tea in a mug of hot water.
                       Brew for 2–3 minutes before drinking it.
■Easy-to-use pyramid-shaped red bean tea bag for a slim body
- A process of grinding after evenly frying red beans at an appropriate temperature for proper hours in a manner that maximizes the content of antioxidants such as polyphenol, flavonoid, and tannin.
- Red bean water, which is rich in antioxidants, can remove waste matter, thereby helping lose weight.
- As it is rich in potassium, it induces diuresis, which helps break down human body fat.
- As the unpeeled red beans are fried, this product has a great amount of nutritious content.


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